5 Questions to ask your Virtual Event Producer

Your Virtual Event Producer is your business partner – you are in this together! During the initial conversation stage, it is important to discuss goals and visions for your event. 

Here are 5 questions to ask your Virtual Event Producer:

1) What are main objectives to consider when designing my virtual summit?

  • Examine target goals such as revenue, audience reach, visibility as an industry leader, etc.

2) Which platform do you suggest would work best for my type of virtual event?

  • Consider virtual platform options that best fit your needs and vision.

3) Considering the platform and keeping my event goals in mind, should my virtual event be LIVE?

  • Determine if the event will be live, pre-recorded, or a combination of both.

4) What is the ideal number of speakers for my event?

  • Discuss the number of speakers participating, while keeping in mind that this will impact the length of the event, both by hours and days.

5) Being that this is a virtual experience, what tools will be used for attendee engagement?

  • Brainstorm what attendee engagement will look like pre, during & post-event. Don’t be afraid to get creative!