Things to Discuss with Your Virtual Event Producer

Your Virtual Event Producer is your business partner – you are in this together! During the initial conversation stage, it is important to discuss goals and visions for your event. 

Here are a few discussion points to help get you started:

  • Examine target goals such as revenue, audience reach, visibility as an industry leader, etc.
  • Consider virtual platform options that best fit your needs and vision.
  • Determine if the event will be live, pre-recorded, or a combination of both.
  • Discuss the number of speakers participating, while keeping in mind that this will impact the length of the event, both by hours and days.
  • Brainstorm what attendee engagement will look like pre, during & post-event.

Entrepreneurship is embedded in my DNA and has brewed inside me for years.

My father, who left this physical world in 2007, showed his resilience when he immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 16 with nothing physical to his name, yet he had the ambition to build his dream business and home for his family, which he achieved.

He is my reminder that I, too, can build my dream while serving others.

My father would have been the type of client whose business I could have helped scale with a virtual platform. I think about what I could have done for him and how he represents the many business owners I now wish to support.  In 2020, we saw the world come to a halt and the business community directly impacted by a worldwide pandemic. Small businesses and communities of color were some of the most heavily impacted.

My Dad’s business would have been one of those impacted. Regardless of our personal opinions on how the pandemic was handled, and as much as I enjoyed seeing the creativity of adaptability of new business practices during this time, one thing was true – businesses needed to pivot to survive. This pandemic forced a different type of business model. More than ever, I witnessed people launch passion projects or side hustles and create small businesses in a sustainable space. I saw an opportunity. Seeing this, I felt the need to provide an avenue to impacted businesses. This was the birth of Powerhouse Diva, LLC.


What I learned from participating in the Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Ivy League, Cornell

“Creating your business” and “laying the legal blocks for your business” were the courses that kicked off this powerful series—followed by “assessing & obtaining funding,” “growth leadership for women entrepreneurs,” and continued with other impactful subjects of value. It is no secret that females are launching businesses at record rates, and my female colleagues and I perfectly represented that!

With such vital course topics and tools provided, one can envision the vast skills and knowledge acquired by the group. Aside from diving deep into pro forma financial statements, I learned something more profound.


Often as an entrepreneur, the road can seem lonely. The long working nights feel different, with only a laptop screen staring back at you. But I realized later that across the nation and the world was a tribe of women with laptops screens staring back at them, too. There we all were – building our dreams one keystroke at a time.

Along with sharing a virtual space in our course community, I learned that my classmates and I were on a similar life journey of building generational wealth and now represent the fearless CEOs who came before us. To us all, l say keep stroking away, set up your business for success, keep showing up and KEEP REPRESENTING!


I want to normalize being a multi-passionate Woman who CAN have it all, with glitz and flair if she chooses to do so.

The name “Powerhouse Diva” aims to represent ME! I consider myself a multi-passion Latina Powerhouse whose talent, expertise, and leadership can benefit the masses. Along with being an event strategist and producer, I am also a children’s book author and women’s sexual wellness consultant and it was important for my company name to represent my essence and femininity. I want to normalize being a multi-passionate Woman who CAN have it all, with glitz and flair if she chooses to do so.



Daily Self-Care Tips for Humans Building Empires!

Step Outside

As an entrepreneur, you might find yourself spending more time indoors with hours of screentime and minimal sun. Step outdoors and allow nature to work its power to recharge & re-energize you! 

Try A Stretch

A stretch not only feels great but has its benefits! Remember that movement influences circulation, thus increasing productivity. It’s a WIN! WIN! 


Set Meal Reminders

As easy as eating may sound, often, meals times can fall by the wayside. Set up a reminder system that works for you and respect the time allocated to refuel your body. 

Celebrate Something Everyday 

Celebrate accomplishments, both big and small! Every skill gained, goal reached, or knowledge acquired – is worthy of a celebration and pat on the back! ¡Si se pudo! 


I have learned along the way that sharing vulnerabilities make us stronger, not weaker.

And that emotions aren’t masculine or feminine – they are human. We must normalize and embrace them.






In what seems like a few lifetimes ago, my early career consisted of long hours and days away from home. I worked tirelessly for others for far too long, and it was time for a change.

In 2018, I decided to pause my career to focus on my only son, who would soon graduate high school. Along with redirecting my time to volunteer as PTSA President for his high school, I also dedicated time to launching my LLC and writing my first book – a children’s book titled, “I Love You *Kiss* *Hug* *Snug* It’s OK To Cry” @itsoktocrybook

My book, which depicts real moments with my son, was a soul-driven project. My younger professional self would never think about writing a book or launching a business; I was too busy being busy. But the gut-wrenching feeling to share these opportunities of connection with the world was far too strong. After all, those moments helped build trust and communication in our mother/son relationship, and I was confident that I could help others do the same. So, I launched my book and shared our story. Although you will still find me staying busy today, I can proudly say that my time is now well invested. Remember, regardless of where your life or career has taken you, YOU have the power to pause, take a break, and re-align to a more soul-driven path.

“You didn’t come this far only to come this far.”


As a Mom and in my role as an author, it was important for my book to be an interactive piece that could serve as a bridge of connection.

As we aim to bring light to conscious parenting, I leave you here with the actions that helped build a strong bond with my soon-to-be 21-year-old son.⁠

1) Tell your child “I Love You”⁠
Each day is an opportunity to remind them. They need to hear it.⁠

2) Give them a tight hug⁠
Reinforce your words with actions. Hold them. ⁠

3) Snug for a while⁠
Hold them until THEY are ready to let go.⁠

4) Remind them that it’s OK to cry⁠
Feeling and processing emotions are part of the journey of emotional intelligence. ⁠


























































































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