Normalize being a Multi-Passionate WomanNormalizing being a Multi-Passionate Woman who CAN have it all!

The name “Powerhouse Diva” aims to represent ME! I am a multi-passionate Latina Powerhouse whose talent, expertise, and leadership are here to benefit the masses.

Along with being an event strategist and producer, I have the honor of being a children’s book author and women’s sexual wellness consultant. It was important for my company name to represent my essence, diverse interests, and femininity. I am normalizing being a multi-passionate Woman who CAN have it all, with glitz and flair, if she chooses to do so.

Being so clear on my identity and which avenue I wanted to pursue was not always the case for me. In my nearly 15 years of experience working in the non-profit, government, and private sectors, I gained various skills and passions that I wanted to share with the world. As time progressed, I built a long list of skills, hobbies, interests, and desires. So much that I found myself overwhelmed with the idea of choosing which passion I would follow or which career path I would take. This constant mental struggle finally led me to a month of frustration, until one day I thought, “why can’t I have it all?” I began brainstorming. I started with a list of items I currently wanted to pursue. Once the brainstorming concluded, it was clear as day. I knew that my brand and company name would convey my essence as a multi-passionate Woman, Powerhouse Diva. 

Let this be your reminder to stop overthinking:

Start that business. 💰
Write that book. 📚
Launch that virtual event. 💻
Bring that project to fruition that’s been brewing within. ❤️
Woman, you CAN build it all.🙌