Maria (Lupe) Hernandez-Muñiz is a highly acclaimed Event Strategist & Producer, and Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Diva, LLC, a brand encompassing all of her skills and passion under one umbrella. Housed under Powerhouse Diva, Maria (Lupe) ‘s events, empowering messages for women, women’s sexual wellness advocacy, and heart-warming children’s books encompass all of her passions. Maria (Lupe) is a multi-passionate Latina Powerhouse whose passions and expertise are ready to impact and benefit the masses. She has been at the forefront of her community since 2007 and continues to empower those around her.

During her early career, she served as Community Affairs Coordinator for El Clasificado and EC Hispanic Media. In this function, she was the organization’s public face in front of numerous community and business interest groups. Maria (Lupe) also served as a board member of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, promoting businesses and business activity in Norwalk. In addition, Maria (Lupe) was a behind-the-scenes leader who shaped many of the organization’s events and platforms like Quinceanera.com website, magazine, and Expos and Fashion Shows during her tenure. Her leadership helped transform the media platforms Quinceanera.com, SuSociDeNegocios.com and Alborde.com from small websites into multi-platform media properties. While in this role, she successfully led and grew grassroots events efforts while managing street teams, negotiating partnerships, and supporting local communities through Central to Southern California via Media Sponsorships. 

She later partnered with Lifestyle Expert Hilda Gabriela as co-director of the Miss Quinceañera Los Angeles Pageant and Youth Program-a platform for young Latinas. This program fosters a positive competitive environment and focuses on team-building and personal development, emphasizing self-respect and community service.

In her mission to empower and benefit the masses, she simultaneously carries out her role as a Women’s Sexual Wellness Consultant. Through this space, she educates, entertains, and empowers women to take ownership of their sexual wellness. 

Her extensive resume includes bilingual marketing for over 43 H&R Block field offices in Orange County & San Gabriel Valley. She later joined forces with Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles through Community Outreach, where she serviced underrepresented areas. Maria Lupe increased New Troops in underrepresented communities by 135%, increased volunteer engagement by 119%, and worked collaboratively with Community Leaders to bring the Girl Scouting Experience to girls living in underrepresented communities. She developed critical partnerships with local schools, after-school programs, and non-profit organizations to bring an adapted curriculum-based program to their site, which she wrote and adapted to work within an after-school program space. This role was of personal significance as she now provided opportunities for young girls in her old community of Watts and surrounding areas.

In 2020, Maria (Lupe) launched Powerhouse Diva Events with a passion for supporting the community and small businesses.

This virtual event service gives entrepreneurs a virtual platform in which to do business. Her Virtual Expos and event strategy services aim to ensure that her partners achieve maximum impact with minimal resources in business life post-pandemic. Also, more recently, she wrote her first children’s book inspired by her son, Isaiah. The book titled “I Love You *Kiss* *Hug* *Snug* It’s OK to Cry” is a heartwarming children’s book about providing children, especially boys, a safe space to share emotional vulnerabilities. This unforgettable story shares touching moments between a mother and son and highlights the unconditional love of being a parent. Although her story shares personal experiences of emotional growth and vulnerability with her son, this concept applies to all humans alike. 

Housed under Powerhouse Diva, Maria (Lupe) ‘s events, empowering message for women, and heart-warming children’s books encompass all of her passions. Maria (Lupe) is a multi-passionate Latina Powerhouse whose passions and expertise are ready to impact and benefit the masses.